Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Virginia is a state steeped in history. Before the arrival of the Europeans, Chief Powhatan ruled over the untamed land. Chief Powhatan fathered one of Virginia's more famous historical figures, Pocahontas. The first permanent English settlement in America, at Jamestown in 1607, set the stage for the taming of the wilderness. Virginia played a central role during the American Revolution, from Patrick Henry's fiery oration "Give me liberty or give me death", to the eventual surrender of Lord Cornwallis to Washington at Yorktown. And during the Civil War, Virginia saw more battles fought on her soil than any other state. Many of these battlegrounds are now national historic sites, and are visited by thousands of tourists annually. However, Virginia's history is also rich in agriculture, one product being Maple Syrup. Histrians do not know when or how the product was exactly discovered. If in the area make sure to stop by a local producer or festival to indulge yourself.
Make sure to take a look at the National Maple Syrup website by clicking the picture below or visiting www.NationalMapleSyrupFestival.com.